Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Kitchen Cupboard

So I've been working on my kitchen, and repainted an unfinished hutch I purchased years ago from Michaels. Originally, I painted it a barn-red color but it came out cheesy. It sat in my stash for years until I more recently, took it apart, separating the top portion from the bottom. The color was still awful, so in my search for kitchen design inspiration, I came across the photo below of a real kitchen. I like the color scheme and saw that my torn-apart hutch was similar to their wall cabinet. I'm still playing with colors -- and building my counters. I truly am such a novice at building that I'm a little hesitant to take photos of my process as of yet. I make so many mistakes and have so many redo's that it would be confusing to document. The only value you could possibly get is that: if you too are a novice, have hope that by plugging along, making mistakes, taking risks and starting over when needed, you will learn a lot and eventually get to where you are going.  :) Progress has been slow, but I'll soon have some more photos to share. Even with all the starts and stops, I am having lots of fun! Thank you for stopping in.

AT HOME Magazine
July/Aug - 2008


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